Care Tips

Keeping your jewelry bright…

First and foremost, all metals will tarnish over time. Especially if they’re 1) not being worn regularly 2) having regular contact with moisture and or acidic/sulfurous substances. Tarnish is an easy fix, but here are some tips to keep your piece bright and shiny for as long as possible.

Best practice is to remove jewelry before swimming (especially when swimming in any sort of sulfur rich hot spring-- your piece will turn straight black). Household items can also tarnish your metals--  cleaning supplies, rubber, latex, certain lotions, creams, etc. -- even certain foods. Generally, we don’t recommend showering, cooking or cleaning in your jewelry, as that can accelerate the tarnishing of your pieces.

Be sure to store your jewelry properly. Avoid storing any metal jewelry in rooms with a lot of moisture (i.e. bathroom). Storing your jewelry in sealable plastic bags in cool and dry places is the best way to keep your piece shiny.

Wear your jewelry often! Your skin’s natural oils will keep your pieces looking fresh. However, excessive sweat and/ or your body’s specific chemical makeup can also lead to tarnish. (For instance, some folks' skin just doesn’t mesh with brass and it can leave you with a green stain where the jewelry sits and really tarnished jewelry) .

Good news is that tarnish is an easy fix. You can buy or make your own jewelry cleaner and polishing cloth (we recommend Sunshine Polishing Cloths) to keep your jewelry nice and bright. And if it’s *really* tarnished, send us an email. For a small fee, we can give your jewelry a deep clean, bringing it back to as good as new. 

Keeping your jewelry intact…

Be mindful of bending and adjusting your jewelry.  Silver is NOT meant to be repeatedly bent. Even if a piece is considered “adjustable”, enough bending and movement overtime will create weak points where it will eventually break. Gently open your piece just enough to put it on, secure it to your body and then leave it be. If done delicately, your piece should be fine.

Special note for your Serpent Cuff… Our Serpent Cuffs are NOT adjustable. Please do not bend or pull open. While they're incredibly strong and durable, a piece of metal this thick is not meant to bend.  To get the cuff on, slide the opening over the smallest / fleshiest part of your wrist. If it doesn't fit, contact me and I will make the appropriate size adjustments, free of charge.