The Ark /  Svane Family Foundation - SFAI Fort Mason / San Francisco, CA / September 16 - 30, 2021 

Title: Deux
Year: 2020
Materials: solid sterling silver, liver of sulfur patina finish

Artwork Statement: This piece is a nod to my timeless connection with my grandmother, Tuyet. Our relationship is deep, complex, and our lives strongly interwoven. Even after her death, I find myself aligning with her legacy; sometimes deliberately, more often unconsciously. “Deux” is a manifestation of that perpetual bond. The serpent symbolizes themes also present in our dynamic -- creativity, healing, transformation-- themes I’ve learned and continue to learn from her. Each hand fabricated chain link, bound together with solder and silver, signifying the power yielded through solidarity & community connectedness. The double headed sterling silver serpent serves as the conduit to the themes of creativity, healing, transformation, and the alchemy that comes as a result of blending them with community and human connection.

Ink & Metal
/ Tilden Hotel / San Francisco, CA / February 4 - April 4, 2020

Joint exhibition: Tess Davis & Emma Fenton-Miller